Media Influence On Body Imagery Essay

1085 Words Nov 20th, 2014 5 Pages
Media influence is a projected way of signaling ideas and thoughts into the minds of viewers, implementing negative perspectives towards body imagery. This invasion of thought has affected beliefs and set a standard of a particular look or body shape so high many people suffer to attain such an image. This negative perception is invasively wrong in a sense that people nowadays started using this concept as a reference to their knowledge. In other words, they are guided by what other people perceive them to be. Messages are sent throughout television, radio podcasts, and other sources of communication resulting in negative and positive effects. These effects interfere with the psychological and physical states of the being. Additionally, social media feeds the minds with whatever information they think is important, neglecting the emotional state of others. The American society is the society that is mostly affected with this perception. This idea of media influence must be dealt with to reduce the negative consequences affiliated with it. Some solutions to this problem may include presenting different ways to consider body perceptions, providing different perspectives for different cultures and traditions, and intervention from friends to help stimulate positive reactions regarding their looks. To sum things up, all the point mentioned are possible solutions to minimize the negative body perceptions, but the best and most plausible would be presenting different ways to…

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