Essay about Media And Parkinson 's Disease Can Influence Human Behavior

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In this essay I will explain how culture, media and Parkinson’s disease can influence human behaviour. I will also analyse why social roles play important role in our life.

One of the social factors that influence not only behaviour but also way of thinking of individuals and whole societies are media.
Debate about impact of media on individuals has started with publications of the first books and is continuing along with development of media.
Media can have positive impact on individuals as easily accessible source of entertainment and information’s what allows us to develop knowledge on variety of topics as well as it is the first source of information’s about what is happening not only in our society but on whole world. On the other hand media can have negative impact on individuals and whole societies.
Marlin Monroe said ‘Imperfection is beauty’ however nowadays we can see that our society think different. Statistics provided by BAAPS has shown that only in 2013 there were 17% more plastic surgeries than in 2012 (Sedghi, 2014). Studies from 2012 has shown that media consumption is one of the major factors that increase the likelihood of undergoing plastic surgery in women (Levitas and Furnham, 2012). Moreover we are ‘fed’ with images of ‘perfect’ women all the time but is it a real beauty? Statistics shows that estimate 44% of advertisements are retouched without disclaimer and around 28% with disclaimer. False perception of perfect body image lead to increased…

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