Mccarthyism As A Reflection Of The Crucible Essay

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Madison Johnson
Mr. Lucente
English 11H P.3
McCarthyism as a reflection of The Crucible "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." (Orwell, Animal Farm).
In this quote, George Orwell clearly depicts the essential idea of communism, which is also one of the driving forces of The Crucible and the McCarthy courts. The Crucible was initially written to expose the McCarthy courts for what they truly were, a huge injustice within the American justice system. It is humorously ironic as to how both the Salem court in The Crucible and the McCarthy court claim to be advocates of serving and protecting the people 's justice, when they are actually abusing the people 's liberty as a facade to gain power. The author of The Crucible, Arthur Miller, also wrote the play to display how even a "great" country with "great" leaders can be corrupted with the evils of greed and arrogance. The Crucible exposes a darker side of humanity. It shows that even today man is willing to put his reputation over the mere life of another man. That mindset is sickening, and quite frankly almost hard to believe that man can possess such a wicked nature. Miller channels this wickedness in the play to mimic the disturbing actions performed within the McCarthy courts. This being said, The Crucible is a direct reflection of the corruption, thirst for power, and communism carried out by the McCarthy courts. One manner in which the courts mirror each other is the corrupt…

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