Mass Media 's Influence On Society Essay

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Mass media portray the dominant images in societies of the industrialized world and depict life in our society (Creedon, 1998). In society the mass media portrays men as superior and women as submissive and not in control. An average person watches at least 4 to 5 hours of television daily and gender roles are displayed a lot though commercials, cartoons shows and movies. Men are shown in the media as tough, muscular, strong, and excising his authority among others. Mass media puts out this dominate ideology that men need to feel powerful and superior to woman and any characteristics of a woman is considered “inferior” or “wrong”. For example on the TV show Family guy Peter puts off that women are inferior and objects to men by saying: “Women are not people, they are devices built by our Lord Jesus Christ for our entertainment” (Peter). Pedersen (2002) defined hegemonic masculinity as the general acceptance of masculinity as the primary characteristic of Western society that places women in positions below men. Examples of this can be seen through stereotypes relating to gender, race, sexual orientation though commercials, television and other media connections.
Stereotypes are common within the media, with a biased skew aimed at furthering the corporation’s own agenda. Ads promotions market that men can never feel manly or powerful enough without buying that certain product. One such example is Old Spice commercials saying that smelling anything like a woman…

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