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Mary Kay Inc.: Building a Brand in India
Cameron A. Sanders
Northeastern State University

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Dr. Ronald Petty
February 19, 2016
Mary Kay Inc.: Building a Brand in India
Mary Kay Inc. is a company I have heard of and know some about but I am a guy who does not where makeup like a Frenchman. I knew Mary Kay was popular in the United States among the women population. I know some people who threw some Mary Kay parties. Other than that I did not know much about the company before watching this video. I was actually shocked when I found out Mary Kay is mostly sold by individuals who host parties. It is a company who values relationships between the seller and buyer.
Mary Kay Inc. is shockingly
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They did not offer products that would eventually be discontinued. They also focused on women age 25-54 and of the middle class. They priced there products higher than normal price product but less than the more expensive products. This would show that it is great quality for a great price. This was targeted at the middle class women.
Mary Kay Inc. way of building a sales force is not by putting the product in stores. They trained women to sell the products. They had experts come and train and gave them a starter kit. It provided them with the tools to sell the product. Information on demonstration and sample products. This way of selling is excellent way to build a seller buyer relationship.
Mary Kay Inc. in India supply chain was importing the products from China, Korea, and United States of America. The product would be sent to Mary Kay Beauty Centers in Delhi and Mumbai. This is where the sale consultants would buy their product to go and sell.
I find the whole Mary Kay Inc. company incredible. They are a company who wanted International growth and have achieved it. They have never stopped going in the right direction and following the mission statements of “God First, Family Second, and Career Third.”

(Kerin & Hartley, 2016)

Mary Kay Inc. Questions 1. Is Mary Kay an International firm, a multinational firm, or a transnational firm based on its marketing strategy? Why? Mary Kay is an International firm. They do not

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