Essay on Martin Luther's Theological Stance

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Emily McAlhany
HST 6100
Dr. Vice
September 27, 2013
Martin Luther’s Theological Stance Martin Luther was a monk but he constantly felt like God was mad at him, he tried everything but he still could not shake that feeling. He disagreed with what the Catholic Church taught in regards to getting into heaven. He, like Erasmus, did not like the selling indulgences to get into heaven. However, unlike Erasmus, Luther openly states ideas against the Pope. As a monk, Luther had to remember passages and recite them, and he admits that one word in a passage confuses him. This passage is in the book of Romans, and the word in righteousness. He said he meditated day and night to try and understand the context of the passage. He re-read
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He is also worried that the preachers have stopped preaching about the gospel to talk about buying these indulgences.
Archbishop Albert of Mainz previously wrote a letter to the public telling them about Pope Leo X decision to reconstruct St. Peter’s and they needed the people’s help. The people were to do four graces to help build the church. The first grace was to go to one of the seven churches and confess and say five Lord’s prayers and five Hail Mary’s. Even if they were unable to get to the church or were on their sickbed, they were supposed to do this. They also had to pay a set amount based on class and income. The second grace was to write a letter which contents were to be explained by the preachers and confessors. The third grace was to have a letter of confession and you had to go to everything the church did, including pilgrimages to the Holy Land. The fourth and final grace was to put money and goods in a chest for relatives known to be purgatory. Doing all of these things was said to help you or those in purgatory to go to heaven and have all their sins forgiven.
Luther likes the New Testament, it is the gospel, which means good news. He says the Old Testament is all about the laws created by God and history about people who did and did not follow the law. Since the New Testament is the gospel of God, Luther likes the books and passages that talk about Christ

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