Marketing Techniques Of Prince Sports Essay

1191 Words Nov 23rd, 2014 5 Pages
In recent years there has been a dramatic growth in tennis participation in the United States. This growth has lead to a larger market for the tennis industry to promote their products to and increasing research into how to appropriately market said products so that they can reach the maximum audience. With the increase in tennis participation, industry leaders like Prince Sports have used targeted marketing to address the needs of separate portions of the prospective market. As well as utilizing technological innovations and advances in research to devise new ways to market their products. It has become increasingly important that Prince Sports continues with their current promotional activates but also expands them into new areas. Currently Prince Sports uses a variety of marketing techniques to encourage the sales of their products. These promotional activities range from television advertisements promoting the brand, personally interacting with their distributors to insure that they have the advertising they need, using social media such as Facebook and Twitter to connect to their customers, sponsoring professional players and a Teaching Pro Program where the teachers receive free demo goods as well as participating in local “Prince Demo Events”. By using social media Prince has been able to reach an area of the market that is continuously growing. They’re able to get new product information out to an increasing number of potential customers rapidly regardless of their…

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