Essay on Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan Group Assignment
(Phase Three)
MRK 200 XX

Ford Motor Company
Hybrid Ford Escape

Group Memebers:
Yasmine Kustec
Ramon Pinto
Bowang Zhou
Zang Yue Brett O'connell
Yoon Joon

Table of Content

Cover Page
Table of Content 1
The Executive Summary 2
Company Backgrounder 3
Company Mission Statement 3 ➢ Vision 4 ➢ Values 4
Situational Analysis ➢ Internal Environment 5 ➢ Competition Environment 6 ➢ Economic Environment 6 ➢ Cultural/ Social Environment 7 ➢ Government Environment 8
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This would be the world’s first sports utility hybrid on the market with an unbeatable price. In this report we inform you with a company outline including a backgrounder and mission statement. We have also provided you with a S.W.O.T (strength, weakness, opportunities and threats) analysis which gives you an clear insight and understanding to why we have chosen the route and objectives which lead us to the production of the Hybrid Escape. We have provided a detailed profile of our target segment which through their needs guidelines, in depth, the marketing strategies, implementing a combination of the marketing mix components and alternative strategies.

Company Backgrounder

Brief Company History: Ford Motors, through the past five years or so, have been experiencing difficulties with their significantly present decline market share. Being a dominate player in the auto business for over a century, Ford Motors have been reluctant to keep up with current trends and evolving competitors from growing economies. This has forced Ford to take dramatic measures by cutting jobs and closing a large numbers of its manufacturing facilities. Considering the company’s external and internal opportunities, and directing their resources towards a more skillfully R& D (research and development) department would be the first step to

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