Marketing Plan For Pepsi Cola Essay

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3.2 Pepsi-Cola states that they only want the best products for their consumers, focusing on convenient foods and beverages. They want to continue this mission in all countries, and with a strong company, they focus on an organized culture with responsible workers and faithful consumers. When Pepsi makes an ethical issue it messes up the whole organizational culture. No customer wants to buy from a company who says they only want the best products for their customers, but lie about what is in their packages. When the workers for the organizations see that the company messed up it makes the workers think it is alright for everyone in the environment to mess up now and then. It is a cause and effect issue, just like the domino effect.

3.3 Their are many steps or actions management could do to fix the situations that have been created. They could create a new training program that every worker must attend at least once a month to make sure they are still doing and making everything correctly. They can also create a new updated code of conduct each year and make everyone resign it to make sure everyone holds up the standards. If they are broken then the employee will be let go. Once a month a group of higher individuals such as managers will go check on each department to make sure they are upholding their standards and code of conduct. If they are not they will have to report it right away and take care of the issue.

3.4 Their are always going to be positives and…

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