Marketing Plan: E-Business Qrt2 Task Essay

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Marketing Plan, E- Business

A1: I have chosen for my business a local frozen yogurt shop, Let’s Top It. This store is located in a geographically desirable area (on a main road in a residential area near several K-12 schools, and a community college) with a potential large and varied customer base. The store provides a decent variety of frozen yogurt flavor and topping offerings in a clean and friendly environment. The cost of the product is comparable to that of similar businesses’ costs and the way the store operates is similar. The main issue with this company is that they have almost no online presence. There is no webpage, no social media pages, they have a fairly poor search engine presence, and do not appear to be linked with
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From viewing this business’ competitors, it appears that the client base in this geographic area respond very favorably to a social media presence. Each store Facebook and Twitter page has a large following that regularly comments on the store site. The stores also encourage feedback from customers further increasing their interaction with the public.

A2: There are quite a few frozen yogurt shops in the same geographic area as this chosen business and all compete for the same client base. The two main competitors are Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt and Chilly Spoons. Both have a strong online presence as both have web pages, strong search engine presence, and participate in social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Both stores offer customer loyalty programs. Menchie’s is a program where you sign up either in- store or online and earn a point for every dollar you spend. After spending $50/ earning 50 points, customers earn a $5.00 coupon. They also offer program participants a $5.00 coupon on their birthdays. Customers who sign up online are eligible for additional benefits, such as email offers of special coupons or promotions. Chilly Spoons’ loyalty program is simpler in design- customers buy 10 yogurts and earn the 11th free. There is no online component to their program, but both store’s programs encourage repeat customers. Menchie’s promotes weekly yogurt flavors, specials, fundraisers (the chain regularly

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