Marketing Mix Essay

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Many people believe the idea of marketing and sales are the same thing, however, sales is just one piece of the whole marketing concept, and to understand this concept, is necessary to understand marketing mix. Marketing mix is a series of activities that work together and are part of the marketing process, those activities are known as the four P’s: Product: type of goods to be produced and the quantities. Price: cost of the product to be sold to the consumer. Place: geographic area where the product is to be placed. Promotion: includes the advertising of the product, tactics and strategies to make the product known.

Marketing Mix
There are many possible was to satisfy the needs of target customers. Various advertising
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Berry Plastics also offers services to its customers in addition to all the different packaging solutions, Berry Plastics services range from Creative Services, Decorating Services, Global Services, and Technical Services, allowing Berry to enhance its presence with current customers and in the plastic market in general. The market strategy that Berry Plastics employs in their product decisions are based on quality, design, customer service, packaging and new products targeting big plastic consumer companies such as Kraft, General Mills, SC Johnson, and Wal-Mart. This is one of Berry Plastics main target markets which is a group of consumers or organizations with whom a firm wants to create marketing exchanges. (Bearden, Ingram, & LaForge, 2003). Price
Price is the amount of money customers have to pay to obtain the product. Price setting must consider the kind of competition in the target and the cost of the whole marketing mix. A manager must try to estimate the customer reaction to possible prices and use to practices as to markups, discounts and other terms or sale. If the customer does not accept the price, all the planning effort is wasted. (Perreault-McCarthy, 2004). Price is the second part of the marketing mix and is important to organizations because the difference between the selling price of the product and the cost of manufacturing the product is the profit for the

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