Marketing And Sales : Jetblue Essay

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Marketing and Sales: JetBlue Gone are the days when it would take months to travel across the ocean, and weeks to ride across the country, now all one has to do to reach a destination is hop on an airplane. While many people have personal vehicles, very few own planes. That’s why so many people rely on airline companies such as JetBlue to provide such services. When viewed from a quality, marketing, and sales standpoint JetBlue soars over other airlines with their dedication to high quality goods and services. JetBlue is a model airline company that really raises the standard due to their commitment to quality, superb advertising, affordable prices, and belief in the importance of community and humanity.
One of the most appealing features about JetBlue is their equal focus on both the business and the vacation traveler. Following the tragic events of 9/11, most airlines stopped serving complimentary snacks, reduced passenger leg room, and began to shift their focus and attention to the business travelers due to the decline of vacation and family travelers. Initially, JetBlue came into the market without having an extensive frequent flier program or even international flights, however, they had something that other big airlines like Delta didn’t have. JetBlue flew in with a brand mission, to communicate the fun, hospitality and humanity of flying. Friendly service, snacks and extensive leg room are some features customers don’t expect on an airline like JetBlue, yet…

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