Marine Pollution And Its Effect On Marine Life Essay

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The Key to Marine Pollution is Awareness
“Today billions of pounds of plastic can be found in swirling convergences making up about 40 percent of the world’s ocean surfaces” (“OCEAN PLASTICS POLLUTION”). Marine pollution is a constant issue that creates a threat to marine habitat. Some of the major types of marine pollutants are nutrient loading, sedimentation, sewage, non-biodegradable wastes, and petroleum. Each of these forms of pollution are disruptive and destructive to marine life. The key to reducing marine pollution is for people to be aware of the detrimental types of marine pollution.
Nutrient loading is a type of marine pollution and is caused by the runoff from agricultural land and urban areas. The runoff includes fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals used in crop production. The urban runoff is made up primarily of lawn fertilizers. “Studies released in 2013 indicated that approximately half the fertilizers and pesticides used in the United States end up in waterways and coastal marine environments” (“Marine pollution”). The runoff nutrients are mostly nitrogen and phosphorus. When the nutrients enter the ocean, they act as fertilizers, which causes the excessive algae growth. Nutrients can sometimes increase fish production but overall, nutrients loading in coastal marine areas is detrimental. When algae growth occurs, a mucus film on the surface of the water grows, blocking light from plants, like seagrass, that need sunlight to grow and survive. The…

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