Essay on Marijana

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Legalization of Marijuana Do you think the legalization of marijuana is all positive? Can there be some negative factors? Based on politics, health, and peoples point of view it is a widely recognized, highly controversial, and common issue in the United States. Many politicians believe it should be legalized and others disagree, especially during the presidential primary. In David Sheff’s article “Marijuana Should Be Legal, but …” in time magazine he proposes that marijuana should be legalized even though it can be harmful to adolescences. Through Sheff’s article, appeals of logos, pathos, and ethos, and knowledge about the subject has an impact on the article as a whole. They help develop his argument that weed is great thing, and it …show more content…
This also lets them know that Sheff also highlights the abuse of drugs and how low percentages actually get addicted to marijuana. Only nine percent gets addicted to the drug, but there is still a percentage. He uses many different persuasions to develop his point of why it should be legalized, by using an understanding of a negative of affect. In his article, Sheff presents a proposal argument of why marijuana should be legal. He uses both negative and positive effects of marijuana, both on teens and society. He states that “Some proponents of legalization maintain that marijuana is harmless, but it isn’t — especially when it comes to kids.” This is the base line for one the negative effects that marijuana can have. One positive effect is that only "nine percent" of users ages fifteen to twenty get addicted. Even though there are negative and positive effects of legalizing it, people should realize the positive effect amongst society as a whole and realize, just like any drug including alcohol, minors will find a way to do it. Sheff suggests "We communicate the message that bad kids use drugs, good kids don’t. But as a pediatrician I know put it: these aren’t bad kids;

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