Mapping Electric Potential Essay

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NaTasha James February 19, 2016
Partners: Archeline Edouard, Jonique Miller
Dr. Huisso
Mapping Electric Potential
The purpose of this experiment was to measure the electric potential at locations on a conducting surface resulting from various distributions of electric charge. We had to use Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and the electric potential data to generate 2-D and 3-D maps of electric equipotential. We had to analyze the maps of electric potential to sketch lines representing the electric field produced by electric charge. Finally, we had to describe how the field from lines of charge differs from that produced by point sources. The electric field is identified by a capital E and at a certain point it equals the
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In gravity, a hollow sphere has a three-dimensional equipotential region inside, with no gravity. In electrostatics a conductor is a three-dimensional equipotential region. In the case of a hollow conductor the equipotential region includes the space inside. The electric field-lines associated with a positive point charge are a set of unbroken, evenly spaced (in solid angle) straight-lines which radiate from the charge. Thus, the tangent to the field-lines is always directed radially away from the charge, giving the correct direction for the electric field. The number of electric field-lines per unit area normal to the lines falls off like , where is the radial distance from the charge, since the total number of lines is fixed, whereas the area normal to the lines increases like . Thus, the electric field-strength falls off like, in accordance with Coulomb's law. Electric field E is a vector quantity; it is defined as the force per unit charge that would act upon a unit positive test charge if the charge were placed at the point in question. A line of force or electric field line is the path a charge would follow if it were allowed to move along in exactly the direction of the force acting on it. By convention, the sense

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