Managing Staff Essay

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Managing Staff
Donald Musgrave
HCA/270 Financial Matters For Health Care Professionals
January 29, 2014
Kevin Scheponik

Managing Staff
Managing staff can be very challenging, understand the cost of productive and nonproductive work may be as important as any other cost the company may have to plan. Knowing the cost tied to staffing can help a manager to see the labor burden that is present in the current budget. Having choices in using annualized or scheduled-position methods are important steps to plan for future cost and recording the benefits of both will bring the health care manager budgeting options for the organization.
The cost of staffing is a burden that healthcare managers have to plan for in order to provide a
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The reason that a health care manager would use the annualized staffing method is that it allows the manager to budget the full cost of the position. Whether an employee is eligible for the benefits that include vacation time, personal days, or some other nonproductive time, it needs to be accounted for within the burden of payroll. A manager can plan by inflating the burden in order to understand the potential total cost of the position over the course of a yearly pay schedule.
When a health care manager records the productive and nonproductive time it helps them to understand the payroll burden the position will cost. This allows for pre-planning of many aspects of the budget as well as the ability to adjust benefits that attract new talent or retain employees with the organization. Greg Rizzuto states in an article that “Depending on the circumstances, two types of arrangements can provide cost savings, reduced administrative burden, and improved staffing flexibility” (Rizzuto, Yallapragada, Roe, Authement, 1999). Even though he is speaking of cost related to healthcare cost with contract labor it still speaks of the two things that drive cost in the industry.
While health care manager are challenged with many issue every day,

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