Management Control Systems Essay

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Q.1) Explain briefly features of an IDEAL management control system?

Management control is a process of assuming that resources are obtained and used effectively and efficiently in the accomplishment of the organization’s objectives. It is a fundamental necessity for the success of a business and hence from time to time the current performance of the various operations is compared to a predetermined standard or ideal performance and in case of variance remedial measures are adopted to confirm operations to set plan or policy.

Some of the features of MANAGEMENT CONTROL SYSTEM are as follows:

➢ Total System: MANAGEMENT CONTROL SYSTEM is an overall process of the enterprise which aims to fit together the separate plans for
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These two provide a link between such future anticipations and actual performance.

➢ Forward looking: MANAGEMENT CONTROL SYSTEM is on the basis of evaluation of past performance that the future plans or guidelines can be laid down. Management Control involves managing the overall activity of the enterprise for the future. It prevents deviations in operational goals.

➢ Continuous process: It is a continuous process over the human and material resources. It demands vigilance at every step. Deciding, planning and regulating the activities of people associated in the common task of attaining the objectives of the organization is a the primary aim of MANAGEMENT CONTROL SYSTEM.

➢ People oriented: It is the managers, engineers and operators which implement the ideas and objectives of the management. The coordination of the main division of an organization helps in smoother operations and less friction which results in the achievement of the predetermined objectives.

Scope of control

MANAGEMENT CONTROL SYSTEM is an important process in which accounting information is used to accomplish the organizations objectives. Therefore the scope of control is very wide which covers a very wide range of management activities.

➢ Policies control: Success if a business depends on formulation of sound policies and their proper implementation.

➢ Control over

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