Malnutrition : Children And Children Essay

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Malnutrition has been a major problem in Africa for a very long time. The nutrition that children and adults lack has caused many deaths over the years. Ethiopia, a country in Africa, has been known as one of the top countries in Africa with the highest malnutrition rate, especially children having the highest rate of malnutrition. Malnutrition in Ethiopia has been talked about for a very long time, but there really hasn 't been a solution to this major problem yet. There are plenty of reasons as to why children in Ethiopia have a higher chance to be undernourished. Two of these reasons is children getting intestinal parasite infections and another reason as to why children in Ethiopia experience malnutrition are that children and families do not have enough money to pay for food or not having enough food. Another reason as to why children are malnourished is that the sanitation is not up to standards in Ethiopia. However, for all these reasons, it all comes down to which part of Ethiopia that families lives in. Besides being malnourished, there are treatments to malnutrition and recovering from malnutrition is shown to be very quick. Ethiopia does have a major reputation for having the highest malnutrition rate among children, but, the reasons as to why children have malnutrition vary based on geography. Parasitical infection has been shown to be a major cause of malnutrition in Ethiopia for years. Gondar, a town located northwest of Ethiopia, is one of the many places in…

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