Lysistrat A Strong Desire Of Sexual Desire Essay

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Lust in Aristophanes’ Lysistrata is described as a very strong want of sexual desire. In this play, Lysistrata rebels against the Spartan and Athenian war that lasts a great amount of time and motivates the women of Greece to strike against their men by pledging an oath of celibacy until those same men put down their arms in efforts to end the war. This medium for literature not only emphasizes the extremity of the war at hand, but also uses comedy to undermine the commentary of political protest. Through the use of sex jokes, the dialogue between the characters in Lysistrata are political in nature, thus the acknowledgement of destruction is gradually understood by the men and women of Greece. Although the Athenian women orchestrate a sex embargo in order to force their husbands to vote for peace with Sparta, Lysistrata creates an argument that establishes a political platform which strengthens the voice of women in Greece.
Successfully one woman, Lysistrata, calls for women from all of Greece and gathers them at the base of the Acropolis. Before telling them why they have all gathered that evening, she begins her persuasive speech by asking, “Don 't you feel sad and sorry because the fathers of your children are far away from you with the army?” By doing so, she opens up the door for the other women to explain how long and why they miss their men. This technique later influences the women to proceed with Lysistrata’s means of ending the war, but as she is beginning to…

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