Looking At The Humans Of New York Website Essay

790 Words Feb 27th, 2016 4 Pages
After looking at the Humans of New York website, on February 25th, 2016, an individual can learn a lot about the characteristics of New Yorkers. Often, individuals hear a lot of misconceptions about how New Yorkers live their lives. Some stereotypes that are given to New Yorkers are that they are rude, impatient loud, busy, and mean. But after looking at the website, an individual can see that there is a totally different side to New Yorkers that most people do not consider. New Yorkers are kind, compassionate, and dedicated, and many other wonderful things. I always spend way too much time on this website. I am extremely nosy and I love to people watch, and the Humans of New York website allows me to do both things without leaving my bed. I found five photos and stories that really interested me and one I even had a personal connection to. I think that all of these people do have one thing in common, they are exceptionally wise and truly learn a lot from experience. The first image that I selected is a man sitting on his luggage at a train station, everything is blurry, but the man and his luggage. He told a story about his wife fighting breast cancer that traveled to her bones. He decided to put all of his faith and hope into God’s hands to cure her cancer. This man wanted the best for his wife and he found the best way to do that was to have hope. After she got cured, he wanted her to live the best life that she could, making sure she was always happy, regardless of…

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