Lonely Planet Essay

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Lonely planet

* Type of organization:
Lonely Planet has a internal culture in there company. That means that employees are free to be themselves, to exchange ideas and try new approaches to problems. The work space in informal and open, so that people can communicate easily with each other.

* History:
The company was founded in 1972 by the couple Tony and Maureen Wheeler. Their passion is traveling. They went on vacation and they wrote a traveling book so that they can finance there next vacation. That book was a huge success and so was lonely planet born.

* Size:
Lonely planet has over 450 staff and 200 authors.

* Products and services:
Lonely planet has a lot of products. They have travel
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* Evaluate:
An alternative strategy is to buy another competitor so that you can expand your company.

Strategic gap:

* Problem description:
The current problem is the recession. Les people will travel by plane because they don’t have the money or other situations. That is why you need to look for different options. Lonely planet is already writing books for road trips and national parks. That is a good solution to react on the needs of the consumer. * Description of new goals/ desired situation
Lonely planet wants to be market leader using multimedia channels for example: Augmented reality.
Implementation plan:

Implementation of the new multimedia strategy: Contains 7 stages 1: scope of project, description of work and deliverables 2: Implementation role and responsibility of stakeholders and people involved in the project 3: communication plan and project planning contains actions, responsibilities and milestones 4: supplier management and progress meeting 5: end date implementation and check on deliverables, lessons learned 6: Agreement of management and stakeholders 7: Relevant enclosures, detailed description of work, deliverables, time frames and financial business case.

Conclusion and Recommendations:

* Conclusion:
Lonely planet is a good and wealthy company. The beautiful thing of Lonely Planet is that the owners Tony and Maureen wheeler have a big passion of traveling. That is also the

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