Essay on Limitations Of Relational Databases Management Systems

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Table of Contents
Introduction 1
SQL database 1
Limitations of SQL database 2
NoSQL database 2
Features of NoSQL 3
CAP Theorem (Consistency, Availability, Partition Tolerance) 4
Different Types of NoSQL Databases 4
NoSQL Challenges 5
Conclusion 6


In this era where almost everything is based on web starting from e-shopping, websites etc, and millions to trillions of users are accessing the system (websites or business application) and due to huge number of users tremendous data size comes out on daily basis through all these Web based systems. A large section of these data is handled by RDMS (Relational Databases Management systems). The relational model is well-suited to client-server programming and today it is predominant technology for storing structured data in web and business applications.
But in today’s time, data is becoming easier to access and capture through third parties such as Twitter,Linkden, Facebook, Google+ and others. User-generated content, Demographical data, Inforgraphical data, social graphs, geographical data, and machine logging data are just a small number of examples where the data has been increasing exponentially in size from terabytes to pentabytes. It is very much important to process all the huge set of data to avail all the above specified services properly, for that traditional RDMS SQL Database never designed; The Evolution of NoSql Databases is to handle and process all these huge set of data.

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