Life Of A Small Fishing Village Essay example

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Christobal Balenciaga
Christobal Balenciaga was born in Guetaria, Spain, the home of a small fishing village, on January 21, 1895. At the age of ten years old, Balenciaga’s father had passed away leaving his mother to support the family as a seamstress. Around that same time, became amused by his mother’s work of interest and began studying dressmaking. Continued his studies in dressmaking until 1910. As a teenage Christobal was given the opportunity to a gown for Madrid de Casa Torres, a well- known and respected of Spain. She admired his attention to detail and want him to create a replica of one of her own gowns. He did as requested, creating an exact replica of the gown. As a result Torres wore the gown for everyone to see.
The same year he traveled to Paris recreating the work of other top couture designers such as Charles F. Worth. Christobal was sixteen years of age when he returned from Paris and started his couture firm in San Sebastian, Spain. He opened his fashion house in 1915 under his last name, Balenciaga. By the age of twenty, Christobal Balenciaga had several branches in Spain in August of 1920. They were cities such as Madrid, and Barcelona. Unfortunately due to the Spanish Civil War in 1937, he was forced to close down his shops. He took is business and moved to the fashion capital of the world Paris, France. From that point on he went on to become one of the greatest fashion couture designers of all time. Christobal Balenciaga passed away…

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