Leonard Pahati Week 2 Journal Essay

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The Gospel of Luke has many similarities to the books of Matthew and Mark. The story of Jesus’ life from his birth to his death are similar and different to the other books. Being a graphic designer there are six images that are given. As a graphic designer candidate, choosing the best image of the final six creations is very difficult. The top image would be displayed as the cover for a new commentary on the Gospel of Luke. Image number two is the best selection for the documentation of the Gospel of Luke because of the genuine quality and colors being displayed. The Gospel of Luke also displayed great genuine image through stories like The Pharisee and the Tax collector; The Good Samaritan; The Parable of the Lost Sheep; Lazarus and the …show more content…
Despite being a Pharisee, the intentions of excluding people who are tax collectors or sinners is wrong. Being genuine like Jesus is a good thing because it gives people hope and faith to believe in God the father. No one should look down on others just because of the title of a Tax Collector or a sinner. Everyone deserves to have the right to follow or believe in Jesus. Image number two definitely shows the image of someone that will lend that genuine hand towards Christianity. The tax collector had every right to pray to God and ask for forgiveness for his wrong doings. The Pharisee didn’t even give the individual a chance and gave assumptions that he was automatically a bad individual. Image number two shows a welcoming image and the image the Gospel of Luke displayed. The face and smile of image number two helped out a lot because it showed the welcoming environment that Jesus has to offer towards the world today. The Good Samaritan theme in the Gospel of Luke fits picture number two. The story of the Good Samaritan story describes of one beggar on the street. There were three men and the first two men passed up the beggar. The third individual gave mercy towards the beggar and cleaned up the wombs of the individual and even fed him. Now out of all the images, number two definitely has that feel as an individual who would kindly help the beggar. Those who do not resemble such a smile or such warm presence wouldn’t help the poor

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