Leadership Coach Training Program Accreditation Essay example

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The second level credential that an individual coach can achieve is the PCC. A PCC level credential is for a ‘proven’ coach that has over 125 hours of training and exceeds 750 hours of experience coaching. A professional has to have a minimum of twenty-five clients and pass an oral and written exam. Lastly, individual coaches that are considered ‘experts’ can receive a MCC level certification by having over 200 hours of training completed and 2,500 hours of experience in the field. When someone is trying to achieve the highest-level credential they are required to have 35 or more clients as well as pass an oral/written final test.
To become certified by the ICF, hopeful coaches have to fill out an online credential application and pay a processing fee. The ICF’s website notates that it can take anywhere from one month to fourteen weeks to receive a certification approval. Becoming an ICF member is also highly recommended upon receiving a leadership coaching certification.

Training Program Accreditation from the ICF Because leadership coach training is becoming more and more popular, the ICF is ensuring the quality of programs around the global by establishing criteria for accreditation just like their individual accreditation policies. Programs that receive the accreditation recognition have a competitive advantage. There are two types of certifications available, the Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) and the Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH).…

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