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LC Waikiki Retail Company

LC Waikiki, which was born in 1985, was bought by today’s LC Waikiki Retail Company in 1997. By setting an example for a considerable number of brand marks with its sound conception of collections and merchandising, LC Waikiki, the address of the attainable fashion, has been continuing its development and growth adventure as a Turkish brand mark under the roof of “LC Waikiki Retail Company ” for 16 years.

LCW serve each and every age group at 65 cities with more than 340 stores. They believe that everyone has a right to dress well, and consistent with this belief, they define their mission as; making people feel better about themselves by addressing their style, their budget and fashion. They are one of the
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Because of this, LCW has formed its marketing strategy on customer satisfaction so as to understand and provide the customers’ necessities and requirements.
In Turkey, L.C. Waikiki which is received the leader of ready-made clothing market, had started initially with the second quality production. In the same time with the developments of Turkish economy, L.C. Waikiki succeed in the production of its positioning market competition that became difficult with the entry of international brands in Turkish ready-made clothing market. Although LCW began its life cycle with the products of children, it accomplished to being brand for all parts of people. LC Waikiki changed its target market from kids to everyone, to gain share from a bigger market at a highly competitive environment. They also thought that kids grown with using LC Waikiki do not want to use the same brand when they become adults. Considering this as well as other market factors, they divided brand into categories; Southblue addresses woman and man who prefers being elegant and chic at every moment of life, XSIDE addresses teens over 15 who follow trends.

LCW’s marketing concept consists of being more effective than their competitors in design, service and communication appropriate for their target market. Its marketing concept is being defined on the marketing mix. Another component of their marketing concept is lifestyle of target market. Due to this, LCW has diversity

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