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LAW 421

Tort law can exist in many different ways from keyless cars to personal pets and animals that could cause damage to someone. Liability and negligence are two of the main portions and apply to just about all tort cases in some way or another. Taking a look at a few different cases we can see both negligence and liability on both parties of each case and the decision can be yours to make. Keep in mind that negligence is the failure to exercise the care that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in like circumstances ("Negligence", 2011). Strict liability is a standard for liability which may exist in either a criminal or civil context. A rule specifying strict liability makes a person legally responsible
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So partly the negligence falls on the owner and the understanding of the vehicle that they own, and some liability on the manufacture for not putting in fail safes such as distance and time. Now could the manufacture of the vehicle bring them back and simply adjust the computer, who knows? Maybe they will be looking into this for newer models coming out. Bounce houses and the liability that falls within them is the coverage of the second video. There has been over 6,000 cases of injuries (Course material) in two (2) years just from kid bounce houses. In most states the regulations of safety and anchoring is not covered and or even needed in others states. This could be a case of product liability for the injuries due to negligence on the bounce house owner’s part. If they set the house up in high winds or fail to turn them off in the winds and someone gets injured from the house blowing away then they should be held liable for injuries. Now on the part of the parents of the children that enter the houses they should be aware that there is a possibility for injury due to the physical nature of the house itself. And if they do allow their children into the house during a high wind event without checking the condition of the house or checking to ensure it is anchored then that is on them partly. Overall this case on one side is cut and

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