Essay on Language Experts : Sarcasm And Sarcasm

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Society has transitioned from being polite and appropriate to utilizing sarcasm and acronyms. Using sarcasm has become a skill acquired by those with creative minds, straining to communicate in a less invasive manner than their initial triggered response. “Some language experts suggest sarcasm is used as a sort of gentler insult, a way to tone down criticism with indirectness and humor (Chin 109).” Generally speaking, normal communication will be intertwined with sarcasm when one person is trying to make a point to the other, without being outright rude. Utilizing sarcasm can be rude and hurtful, although the person delivering the sarcasm makes light of the situation by attempting to be humorous in delivering their message. These messages come in many forms. The six forms that sarcasm takes are: social control, declaration of allegiance, establishing social solidarity and social distance, venting frustration, and humorous aggression, according to Lori Ducharme (57). Using sarcasm in a social control situation would be addressing the quarterback of a football team with a comment such as “great pass,” when he threw an interception. An example of declaration of allegiance would be a statement like, “you’re so brilliant,” when you locked your keys in the car. Establishing social solidarity and social distance can take the form of directing a comment toward someone outside your accepted group, pointing out how they don’t fit in. Venting frustration could be making a comment…

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