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Why Kids Should be More Active
By Sterling Williams
ITT-Tech Cary, NC

In the year 2015 it seems more kids are being less active in today youths. Is it because of the video games, the apps of the phone, and more internet access? As you look at how you grew up where you were mostly outside to how kids are today and how they are more inside the house. Where have the time gone where going outside to play with friends was the highlight of your day gone to. Is technology making our youth less active and lazy? Is riding a bike or playing outside to the streetlights come on a thing in the past?

Why I Feel That Kids Should Be Active
I feel kids should be more active by going outside more riding a bike, playing sports,
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Exercise helps improve motor coordination and enhances the development of various motor performance skills. It’s very important that kids should be more active because schools are feeding them junk food then healthy food for lunch. Even when I was in high school I barely saw fruit and vegetables on a daily menu at my school. If these schools are still being serve the same lunch that I had when I was in high school to these kids who seem to be less active can be a major problem. It’s up to the parents to get these kids up and active.Many kids spend their time after school playing video games, watching TV, or sitting in front of their computers, which isn’t entirely wrong. Kids, like adults, need to unwind. It’s a good idea to give your children about an hour of physical activity each day to stay healthy. I feel like every child should be in some type of sport.Whether it’s jogging, biking, shooting some hoops, or just playing outside with friends, there’s something for everyone.
I feel parents should to be active in getting their children in more actives. As a parent, you are the role model. If you lead an active life, your kids are sure to follow suit. Even better, you should try to get involved in your child’s physical activities. There are all sorts of simple and fun activities that you and your kids can do together. A walk in the morning or evening is enough to impact a child and push

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