Kudler Essay

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Kudler Fine Foods
Darryl Mitchell
James Plastow

In 1998 is when the Kudler Fine Foods was founded. The company was founded by Kathy Kudler when she realized she had a passion for gourmet food stores. She had no experience in the business but she kept going until she was successful. She has three stores currently opened. She has been able to operate without calling up any outside investors. Before she found the company she was a VP of a large contractor.

First, one of Kudler Fine Foods issues is that it has too many weaknesses. They need to have a higher percentage of perishable goods rotated daily. They should rotate their perishable goods daily. Too many perishable goods are being thrown away and given to
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The concerned issue mentioned previous about Kathy is the most important concern because she is responsible for everything. That means that when something goes wrong she is responsible for it but she has so much to be accounted for that it will be hard for her to keep up with everything. With that being said she will need extra help because she will have to go to their other stores and someone will have to be handling things at her main store. It is hurting them big time that she is the one responsible for the major things.
However, employees can take legal action on the company for the pay that they do not receive as well as customers who have incidents in the store. The way business is going the company could be in and out of court trying to make sure they do not lose their business. Being that Kathy is responsible for everything if she is away on vacation or sick and somebody slips and fall then there will not be anybody to report it to because that person is unavailable and that is why they need backups for the positions. That could lead to the customer taking legal action on the company because she or he is not being taking care of when the incident occurs.
All in all, there is a lot to be done in this company for it to continue to grow and expand further. Kathy needs to make some changes here and there starting with cutting down payroll and hiring some extra help just in case of emergencies

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