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KOT TASK 2 Running head: KOT TASK 2


KOT TASK 2 MISTY PLATT WESTERN GOVERNORS Organizational Systems & Quality Leadership KOT1 Mentor: Dr. Vanessa Lee March 25, 2013

KOT TASK 2 KOT TASK 2 SCENERIO #1 The problem that Mrs. Zwick is facing is a problem that many Americans face each year with their healthcare. The immune-compromised patients and elderly patients are victims of


hospital acquired infections, all of which can be prevented by following procedures for infection control prevention such as proper hand-washing technique. While being a patient in a skilled nursing home due to mild stroke complications, Mrs. Zwick was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection that was deemed to be a hospital-acquired infection due to
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( As far as medications are concerned, Medicare Part D will

KOT TASK 2 cover the cost of any medications after she is discharged from the facility. Depending on the type of medication Mrs. Zwick is prescribed will determine the amount Mrs. Zwick will have to pay depending on the specific cost tier the medication falls in and depending on if her annual deductible has been met or not. Before Mrs. Zwick is discharged from the facility, it would be the best idea to discuss with her doctors what medications they will be prescribing her and discuss with them the option of writing for the generic form as this will decrease the cost of the medication. Any treatment that is related to her hospital acquired urinary tract infection will not be


covered by Medicare and Mrs. Zwick will also not be held responsible for any incurring charges related to this condition. The hospital will be held responsible for all of these charges. Since 2009, Medicare has place the financial responsibility on the facilities in which these acquired “preventable” infections were obtained due to the non-compliance in following proper evidence based protocol to prevent these conditions. When the patient is initially admitted, if the infection or secondary diagnosis was not identified at that time, the Medicare reimbursement will only include the primary diagnosis. Any costs or fee’s generated with Mrs.Zwick’s hospital-acquired

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