Essay about Knowledge of Technology

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John Cleary
Dr. Musgrove
18 January 2013
Knowledge of Computers Everyday people wake up and interact with a computer at some point during the day. Most have learned enough about the particular computers they use to get by day to day, however some have not learned what they really need. For most people, being able to use the computers in their world is as much knowledge as they need, but some people need to know more. People that use computers for their job need to have a good enough understanding to use and fix basic computer problems. Many people know how to use which ever applications they need but beyond that they are completely lost. This causes problems in productivity because workers are unable to do their job. A form
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Whoever was hired to maintain the website could also help anybody that has problems using the website or simply has computer problems. Using the website could be a problem for those that have difficulty using the computer, however the website would be designed simply so it would be easy to use. On the website there would be a forum so that whoever was using the website at whatever time could either post or answer questions when it is convenient for them. Any individuals hired to watch over the website would also act as moderators for this forum, insuring that all of the answers were valid. In the forum there would be a section for requests on material so workers could request that a particular topic be explained in great detail rather than a simple forum response.
After the tutorials have been completed those enrolled would be able to better use computers and able to perform their jobs that require computers more effectively. An optional voice guidance system would be on the website as well, directing the worker through the tutorials as well as the forums or just the website in general. This solution would allow a decent sized number of people be trained simultaneously which would allow the greatest number of people to be trained in the shortest amount of time. The website would become a more powerful tool as it is used because more questions and answers would be on the forum, the website would also have a

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