Kinsey Review Essay

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In the movie, Kinsey, it was obvious that society had a lack of knowledge about sex and about people’s sexual activities. Alfred Kinsey changed the way that people thought about sex. He did an important and monumental thing informing people and answering people’s questions about sex. At one point in the movie it showed Kinsey reading a script from the bible where boys were supposed to control their nocturnal emissions, a natural and uncontrollable act of puberty, or they would be looked down upon by God. A quote from the movie “it is the lord’s work to help youth fight and resist temptation.” I agree with the movie in that the more a behavior is prohibited the more strongly it becomes desired. (add more here)
Moral beliefs are still
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One might ask the question does television reflect society or does society reflect television? (Lynda Martin Hubpages) Children are exposed to more sexuality, yet I am not sure society has embraced teaching them how to deal with it.
Abstinence education was the only education that was taught in the time period of the movie. Once Kinsey started to educate the public on real sexual behaviors people started responding. I found it interesting that when Kinsey wrote his first book that dealt with asking men about their sexual experiences the public loved it. However, when he was conducting research for his second book that dealt with asking women, the public started to question his research and it resulted in him losing his funding from The Rockefeller Foundation. I do feel society has changed in the fact that they are more accepting of women’s rights although I am not sure that I would call them equal to those of men. It is important to teach youth about sex and all of the real (things) that go with it, however there are different views on this within our society. Some people feel that teaching children about sex will only drive them to become sexual. Others believe that they are going to have sex regardless so we need to educate them on the risks that are attached to it.
Overall I think that society has changed in how they deal with society to a certain extent. I think we have more knowledge

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