Essay on Khandaq

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The Muslims had just managed to drive away one of the biggest armies they had ever faced. This army had the sole intention of crushing the Muslims of Madina and ending the religion of Islam. The Muslims had strengthened their defences by digging a huge trench that stopped the enemy in their tracks. The army tried its best to cross and attack Madina but the Muslims fought them off with their customary bravery.

Bani Quraizah lived within Madina and towards the end of the battle; they joined the ranks of the enemy to fight against the Muslims. This opened a second front against the Muslims. These actions considerably weakened the Muslims and could easily have caused the downfall of Madina. Bani Quraizah had a treaty with the Muslims of
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Bani Quraizah considered the options available to them and decided to speak to some of the Muslims who had maintained good relationship with them in the past. Bani Quraizah invited Abu Lubaba to their quarters and put on a display of despair. The crying and mourning of the people moved Abu Lubaba so when Bani Quraizah asked him what would happen to them, he pointed to his throat. This signalled that they would be killed in this ensuing battle and its aftermath.

Abu Lubaba immediately realised his mistake and went to the Prophet’s mosque. He tied himself to the wooden post and refused to leave until Allah forgave him for his mistake of leaking information. He remained there for a few days and would only be untied by his wife for prayers and eating food.

The siege had lasted for a few days now and Bani Quraizah were very worried about the possible outcome. They considered all the options available to them. They considered killing all their women and children so that they had nothing to live for. Then they would fight to the death. They also thought about launching a surprise attack on the Saturday, which was normally a day that Jews would not fight. They also considered becoming Muslims so that they could be freed from their previous sins.

They were indecisive so they spoke to the Muslims and asked for a truce. They wanted someone to be judge between the two parties in this

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