Essay on Kathy Torrey, A Caucasian Female

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Kathy Torrey, a Caucasian female, was born January, 31st 1953 in New Bern, NC.

Kathy was raised by her married biological parents, Etta Brown Smith and Nathan Smith, who made their living farming. Kathy fondly remembers how there was always family around, including her extended family. Kathy has seven siblings, some of which had moved out by the time Kathy was born. They lived in an apartment in the city right next to the river, but after her parents divorced when she was six years old they moved to the country. There she lived with her mother and siblings playing games and spending time outside for fun. Her mother remarried for a brief time and during that time they moved to Texas. Two years later, they moved back to New Bern. Throughout all of the moves, she remembers getting to play as a child. Kathy fondly recalled the fun they had playing Steal the Chicken, Red Rover, and playing with cars in their dirt cities.

According to Kathy, their family strengths are their religion and how close-knit they are as a family. One of their limitations was that her mother did not drive so they were dependent on others for transportation. They were also on a very tight budget so they did not take vacations. One of the significant life events that Kathy recalled was when Kennedy was killed and they watched the memorial.

For the most part, Etta, her mother raised her. She was a great mother and Kathy’s best friend. She lived next to her even after getting married.…

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