Essay on John F. Kennedy 's Life

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John F. Kennedy’s life is not defined by his assassination. Though many people know him by that, his life had many interesting ups and downs. At one point in his life, he attended one of the greatest schools in the nation at the time. Kennedy had many loved ones in his family pass away through out his lifetime. He also faced many surgeries and diseases that were dangerously life threatening, such as: Scarlet Fever, Addison’s Disease, and life threatening surgery to relieve pain he had in his back.
Kennedy was born in the summer on May 29, 1917. He was born to Rose and Joseph Kennedy. He was the second of nine kids born to his parents. They all lived in a wealthy suburb of Brookline, Massachusetts.
When Jack, as referred to by friends and family, just before he was three years old he was hospitalized for two months with Scarlet Fever. Scarlet Fever is a disease that affects mainly children. Its caused by an infection with a group A streptococcus bacteria. This bacterium makes a toxin that causes a scarlet colored rash, hints where it gets its name.
Jack grew up in life as a very athletic and average student. In 1931, he attended Choate High School in Wallingford, Connecticut. This elite boarding school helped John Kennedy to become the person he was. Even though he had a high level intelligence he only made average grades. Although he didn’t excel in academics, he excelled greatly in athletics. He played most all sports in high school, such as: baseball, basketball, and…

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