Essay about Jewish Lab Rats And The Holocaust

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Jewish Lab Rats Throughout history there have been multiple genocides. However, one of the most memorable and most discussed genocides has to be the one committed by Germany. This genocide was called the Holocaust and it targeted anyone who was not of Hitler’s “perfect race” consisting of blonde hair white skin and blue eyes. One group of people were targeted the worst of all. These people were Jewish. Many people of Jewish descent feel uneasy discussing the holocaust because some have relatives who were part of it and it’s something people just don’t want to remember. The experiments were cruel but without them medicine would not be as advanced. This was because of the German people’s attitude towards the Jewish population that such crazy experiments were done without the slightest remorse. The hatred towards the Jewish people began in the 1930’s. Anti -Semitism which is the use of Propaganda to raise hatred for the Jews had started (British Library Web). The raise of Nazi power was a work in progress. Germany was going through an economic struggle due to having to pay the allies for losing WWI, following the rules of the treaty of Versailles which no longer allowed them to have a large army and they had to give up some land as compensation, going through inflation and dealing with instability economically, and the growing unemployment rate (British Library Web). Hitler and the Nazi’s started to blame the Jewish people…

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