Jane Austen 's Novel And Film Essay

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Amy Heckerling portrays Jane Austen 's novel Emma by directing Clueless, a film that reflects the Regency England into the 20th century world. Although Heckerling updates her audiences from the small town of Highbury into Beverly Hill, she closely imitates the plot and characterization. From the beginning of the novel and film, the similarities between the two heroines are obvious. Both Emma Woodhouse and Cher are spoiled, high class teenagers whose superficial and pretentious attitude throws them into a crisis and are transformed into mental maturation and social awareness. Character transformation is not the only theme that the movie parallels with Emma. By accurately adapting the society of Highbury, social attitudes and values toward class division, ideal marriages, and gender roles are seen from a modern lens. It is clear to identify that while there have been radical social changes since Jane Austen 's time, some aspects of people and traditional norms stay intact.
Cher and Emma are convinced that they would be able to match make Tai and Harriet Smith, two girls of lower social class. Emma believes that Harriet should not interact with people beneath her and that "she would improve her; she would detach her from her bad acquaintance" (Austen 19) in order to assimilate Harriet into good society. As a result, Emma rejects Mr. Martin 's proposal to Harriet since he is just a farmer; therefore, not good enough for her. Emma 's arrogance is preventing Harriet from…

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