Iwamoto-Crews-Coe Essay

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Iwamoto-Crews-Coe Website Redesign Proposal
March 14, 2011

Iwamoto-Crews-Coe Website Redesign Proposal
The IO consulting firm of Iwamoto-Crews-Coe, better known as IC², has presented to Team A the need for recommendations and redesign of their company’s current website. IC² was founded in 2003 by Dawn Iwamoto, a ten-year veteran of Industrial/Organization (IO) planning. She stepped out with her own leadership qualities and envisioned helping companies improve through professional development and business improvement techniques. The initial success of the company brought two additional partners to the firm in Jack Crews and Aaron Coe. Between the three of them, they have over 30 years in professional
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Subtopics and sub pages would provide a wealth of detailed charts and testimonials of company successes, so the current heading structure must be modified to incorporate further features. Figure 1 - IC² Current Home Page

Site Map and Hierarchy The IC² web pages and subheadings are again only static info-ads that merely describe the service to the client. No additional interactive media or photos appear to pique interest and promote questions. The current mapping structure is sufficient for ease-of-use but deeper breadcrumbing is necessary to keep the visitor seeking answers within the site. Figure 2 – Current IC² Site Map Use of the left side panel would provide further interactive features for clients to use. By including all of the headings for services under one heading “Our Services”, each of the headings would be listed as subtopics on the side panel. This method would also apply to the “About Us” and other defined headings (Figure 3).

Figure 3 – Proposed IC² Site Map
With this format, more media content will fill the editable area of the page and the currently selected heading with the company color scheme and logo will always be displayed. This type of branding promotes familiarity with visitors and eye recognition when the site is viewed again at a later time.
As mentioned before, much of the activity of IC²

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