It 's Time For Mandatory Education Essay

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It’s Time for Change: It’s Time for Mandatory Education Often, we find ourselves in times of trouble. With nowhere to find comfort, or a sense of identity or a place in society, people tend to fall victim to committing crime. In a moment of weakness or desperation, a human 's life is potentially changed for the entirety of their life on Earth. Sentenced to years upon years in a cold, isolated, uncomfortable cell- only to have their spirits and hopes of a better life one day, completely swept out from under them. Day after day, the prisoner will wake up, eat old bread and drink warm water, be subjected to random body searches and the fear of an inmate brawl in which they are thrown into and soon find their life at risk. Eventually, this lifestyle and constant feeling of loneliness in a room that has no life to it, will drain that prisoner mentally, physically and emotionally. These prisoners often have nothing to look forward to after their sentence is up and no prior education or job history to put on a resume to one day find work in hopes to rely on something to protect them from spiraling back into this torturous chamber of sadness. It is safe to assume that this is how almost every prison is and how almost every prisoner feels, but it shouldn 't be this way. It doesn 't have to be this way. Through mandatory education for those incarcerated, recidivism rates will drop, prisoners will have a better chance of getting a job after their sentence and tax payers money will…

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