It's About How One Handles Their Mistakes Essay

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Davele Zephyr
Magistra Semidey
English, R1
15 January 2013
It’s About How One Handles Their Mistakes Sophocles once wrote that, “All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong and repairs the evil. The only crime is pride”. This quote means that everyone messes up at some point, however the ones who acknowledge their mistakes and strive to improve upon them are considered honorable, unlike those who ignore their mistakes due to a fear of tainting their prestige. Both epic poems, The Iliad by Homer and The Aeneid by Virgil affirm this idea because throughout each book, characters that learn from prior mistakes are successful when faced with challenges, whereas those who practice prideful thinking
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He does this because he feels sympathetic for the enemy’s family. Achilles sincerity is further revealed when he decides to delay the war while the Trojans are grieving. For one to admit their flaws and acknowledge their mistakes is a difficult thing to do, yet still, Achilles manages to do both, thereafter indicating his honor. Since The Iliad is based on the Trojan War which took place in the 11th or 12th century while pride was considered an essential aspect of one’s life, some characters take part in this prideful thinking which leads them to their tragic downfall. After hearing of Achilles’s return to battle to avenge a fallen comrade, Hector, the Trojan commander awaits Achilles outside his city’s walls. No matter how many times his father urges him to remain in the city’s gates Hector ignores his father’s advice because pride leads him to believe that returning to Troy will degrade his great name. Therefore, Hector’s fatal mistake was choosing pride over his own well-being because now, he not only dies shamefully; he also deceives his city by leaving them absent of a powerful force for the war. Another character who acted recklessly which then led to their death was the Greek soldier, Patroklos. Friend of the great fighter Achilles, Patroklos asks for Achilles’s armor where he agrees to only fight long enough to save the Trojan ships. However, after he saves the ships, he continues on, all the way to Troy. Since Patroklos is proud

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