It Is Time For End The Drug War Essay

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It Is Time To End The Drug War. By: Art Carden
The claim is a central contention asking a question or printing out these problems issue to be discussed and supporting with specific reason(s) and evident(s). Is it time to end the war on drugs? Well first let’s take a look at what the war on drugs is. “The War on Drugs is an American term commonly applied to a campaign of prohibition of drugs, military aid, and military intervention, with the stated aim being to define and reduce the illegal drug trade”. (Wikipedia) I believe it is time to end the war on drugs, due to my firm belief that people in this awesome country should be able to make their own decisions no matter what the outcome or consequences may be. But due to the overwhelming support of anti-drug war campaigns, and organizations the war on drugs may soon be coming to an end. The war on drugs especially marijuana, has been a huge failure because of the money spent each year for little to no results. In the article the claim is “Let’s be Blunt: It’s Time to end the Drug War,” by Art Carden. Art Carden explains in detail why the war on drugs should end, and the outstanding possibilities that could come from the war on drugs ending.
The claims as reported by the professor of economics at Samford University, Art Carden, and the Arthur of “Let’s be Blunt: It’s Time to end the Drug War”, are that he tragically insist on the legalization of many if not all drugs, but especially marijuana due to the economical, and ethical…

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