Islam 's Influence On Terror And Violence Essay

1007 Words Feb 8th, 2016 null Page
Islam. Our allusion towards terror and violence arises questions why does this happen. Though for some it may sound absurd and ridiculous we can credit these misleading connotations to our most "reliable" source; Media. Media acting as a bridge between nations and religions has become rusted and unreliable. Constant discrimination against Islam can be found on an everyday tabloid, social sites or even late night TV shows. Our reliance on Media for facts and information about other religions has contributed to racial abuse, harassment, and wars around the world, affecting billions of people.
Since the Al-Qaeda attacks on the western society (acting as "ambassadors" of Islam) only helped in creating a dramatic increase in fear and enmity towards Islam. Dr Nafeez Mosadeq Ahmed emphasized in an article how a forty five percent increase of attacks on Muslims was reported after the Al-Qaeda attacks. The Media 's constant display of words with violence and Islam created a link in people 's mentality with terrorism and Islam. People argued why the Muslims were not speaking out against these attacks of terrorism and fanaticism. Media 's repetitive reminder of Islamic attacks was a weapon to generalise all Muslims as fanatics, where as they forgot to mention millions of Muslims openly criticised the attacks done by Al-Qaeda including Hamza Yusuf (American Islamic Scholar) and Pervez Musharaf (ex-leader of Pakistan).
The Media holds Muslims around the world responsible for the…

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