Is Water Important For Plant Growth.the? Essay examples

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Yes, it sounds weird to ask is water important for plant growth.The answer is a little more complex than you would think,there are many mistakes that can be made in watering a plant that can affect its growth. After realizing that there are a list of common mistakes made in watering a garden, research seemed necessary to not make those same mistakes. Many hypotheses that using more water causes the plants to grow faster. However, according to research there is more to planting than the amount of water you use to water plants.For example temperature is another factor that can affect plant growth. There are a series of hacks that can be used to help grow a healthier and stronger plant.

According to, “How to Water a Plant: How Much Water Should I Give My Plant” by Kathee Mierzejewski she explains the importance of watering plants and why the amount of water matters. She states “Plants are ninety percent water, therefore plants will wilt because of the lack of water. However too much water can cause plants to rot.” She then goes on to say that the amount of water is determined by the size of the plant, suggesting that the bigger the plant, the more water. The smaller the plant, the less water. Also plants with thinner leaves typically need more water since they have fleshier stems that store more water than others. The article then goes on to discuss how water helps plants stand, and how it carries dissolved sugars and other nutrients throughout the plants as well. Proving…

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