Is The Speed Of Social Media? Essay

1064 Words Nov 9th, 2015 5 Pages
As human beings, we are all entitled of having our own opinions. The entitlement to these opinions is granted to Americans by the constitution, along with our right to voice them. In the past, people practiced this right by…… Today, we use social media. As social media becomes increasingly prevalent in society today, there has been much debate over whether this upcoming …… is turning into a Revolution or is merely just a trend. Many praise social media as the most revolutionary force in global politics today due to the rapid speed at which it delivers news, increased level of participation it produces, and aid to the less fortunate it provides. Critics argue that, correspondingly, news is becoming increasingly unreliable, protest is proving to be less powerful, and social media is becoming a popular method of inflicting harm on others. In his blog “What Is the Speed of Social Media?” Jeff Bullas states that “the speed of change is going to both destroy, invigorate and create industries before our eyes that we have never imagined”. With over 400 million users on Facebook, 60 million on Linkedin, 57 million on Myspace, and 75 million on Twitter, social media is now becoming the fastest source of spreading information (Bullas). On Facebook, my 1,518 “friends” make up a diverse group of ages, races, and religions. I see what they share, comment on, like, etc. and it’s rarely the same as one another. I find myself forgetting to look at real news sites, such as CNN, Yahoo, or…

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