Essay about Is Reality Affected By The Passing Of Time?

1343 Words Sep 29th, 2015 null Page
Is Reality Affected By the Passing of Time? Technology has come a long way in the past decade. It has helped humanity evolve faster than ever. However, not everything about technology is great. Technology has affected the way that humans perceive reality now. It gives people the wrong idea of how the real world works by creating a world that people can easily adjust to. In this essay, I argue that the virtual world lowers your expectations of the real world, that using technology connects and isolates people, and that technology creates artificial outcomes that cannot tell someone how a situation will turn out. A person’s concept of reality can be easily altered by how much time he or she spends in the virtual world and how it allows you to counterfactually think. When I say online world, I mean spending large quantities of time on the internet and games, like Sims. Sims gives people the opportunity to recreate themselves in the way that they want to become. The player is granted the ability to make themselves attractive, wealthier, successful, the list goes on and on. People can acquire these traits without the hassle of actually putting in real work and effort. In real life, to achieve a goal as difficult as being rich, that would take years and years. In the game, it will probably take around thirty to forty-five minutes to complete the task. However, Turkle says that after people are done with being a part of the virtual world, they have problems transitioning back…

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