Is My College Degree Worth The Money? Essay

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Recently in my house, my parents and I have been discussing whether or not I should continue in college. Is my college degree worth the money was the main question in this argument? There has been a lot of debate in the past couple years about this, especially with student loan debt being higher than credit card debt for the first time in history. I found three sources with different views on the subject, one from the New York Times that was published this year in May, a book called 40 Alternatives to College, and finally an article from the U.S. news and world report magazine. The first article from the New York Times states that although tuition has gone up; the pay gap between those with a bachelor degree and those without one is so high that it’s not even a question. While, the book states “college is only good at giving credentials not actually giving an education” (Altucher 15). Lastly, the third article U.S. News and World Report states that education is worth it if you pick the right college and pick the right degree. All three of these sources give different thoughts on whether or not college education is worth the cost. The book had some convincing suggestions; the New York Times had a lot of statistics showing otherwise; while the U.S. news article was pro college as long as you made the right choice in college. These articles left me wondering whether I should be in college, or rather that college may not be the best choice for me.
The first source was…

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