Essay on Is Interracial Marriage Beneficial?

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The world is changing. People’s views and beliefs are loosening their strict grip on what they use to consider right or wrong. Is interracial marriage beneficial to America? Interracial marriage has slowly started to become more common in America. Although it is still rare, people are beginning to agree with it. Interracial marriage is beginning to open up people’s eyes to look past color. People have done studies to show how to interact with others of a different race, how it has made a difference in people’s views, and how interracial dating has ultimately been beneficial to American society. Interracial marriages are changing attitudes towards people of different races being in intimate relationships with each other. Since the 1960’s interracial relationships have increased. In September of 2013, only .3 percent of white men were married to black women and .8 percent of white women were married to black men. In 2008, it was said that interracial marriages had a higher percent of divorce rate than same race marriages (Field, Kimuna, and Strause 743). In 2007, only seventy-seven percent of Americans agreed with interracial marriages (Field, Kimuna, and Strause 744).To show which race or gender agreed more with interracial relationships, a study was tested using 1,173 students from five different universities. One university was from Canada and the other four were in the United States. The poll included universities that were historically black dominated and others that…

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