Is Homelessness A Serious Social Problem? Essay

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Homelessness is a conflict, particularly every society suffers from. Over the years, homelessness in the United States has become a serious social problem because of relationship problems, unemployment, and being removed from one 's residence either by a friend, family, or even landlord. However, with every cause comes an effect. Some of the effects of one becoming homeless, besides the obvious change in life situations, are various health problems which often times may lead to loss in one 's life. Many people find themselves in difficult situations when one is living with a partner and the two decide to go separate ways. Some individuals are not able to afford the cost of living on just one income alone, so when two people end a relationship where one depends on the other, both are often left homeless for a period of time. Unemployment is another crucial cause of people becoming homeless. When people lose his or her jobs and fail to find another within an appropriate amount of time, they will not be able to pay their rent or money owed on time or even at all, causing them to look elsewhere for shelter. Many people are not fortunate enough to have a family member who is willing, or capable, of taking and supporting them.
However, the main cause of homelessness comes from people being evicted from their place of residence either by their parents, friends, or the landlord. Parents will often kick their kids out of the house because they cannot financially support them…

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