Is Is Poetic? Essay

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Not Allpoetry is Poetic
The internet provides a wide array of websites that help people of all walks of life to come together to share in a variety of common interests. When these people come together on a website for a specific interest, they are able to discuss their victories, their failures, the areas they need help with, and how to become more successful in what they are working on. is one of these gathering places that provides the poetry community a way to publish their work, get feedback on their writing, and share their thoughts on others work. has a few deficiencies with their credibility and design, however it is a great place for people to share their love for poetry, collaborate, and grow in their writing.
Credibility is a gathering place for writers that have a shared interest in a variety of writing techniques but primarily have an interest in poetry. There are a variety of contests and courses that are available to the members. I noticed that there are new member contests as well as member managed contests to achieve accolades within the websites member community. I did not notice any outside recognition that gave additional credibility to the page. Another concern was that the courses that were available did not mention who specifically was going to be teaching the participants. This led me down the path to find out who was the mastermind behind
I searched the website for contact information…

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